Region 8 Dan Clinics

Region 8
Dan Clinics

June 2018

Information for 2019 will be posted in the Spring. Also watch upcoming events on Google calendar


All participants, instructors and their studios must be currently registered with the World Tang Soo Do Association. Participants must wear the official WTSDA white Dobohk. For this event both solid and half-color belts are allowed.


  • Studios have been assigned to specific clinics to balance attendance at each event. Click here or speak with your instructor to confirm to which clinic your studio is assigned.
    Please speak with your instructor first about challenges with attending your assigned clinic. He/She will work with the Regional Director and Coordinators on a resolution.
  • Pre-registration is MANDATORY.
    • The registration fee for each camp is $225. Only online registrations with credit card payments via Event Manager will be accepted.
    • All applications MUST be submitted by the final deadline
      • Final deadline for Youth Clinics: May 17, 11 PM ET.
      • Final deadline for Adult Clinic: May 25, 11 PM ET.
      • Incomplete or late applications will not be honored.
      • Be sure to include your correct membership (Gup or Dan) number on the application (see your instructor for details).
    • Participants pay $180 (saving $45 off the full registration fee - $225) by registering early (by May 10).
    • Please register for all camps which you are attending.
  • The fee schedule for adult volunteers follows:

    • A volunteer attending only one Youth camp will pay the full registration fee for that camp.

    • A volunteer attending two Youth Camps will pay for their first Youth camp (there is no fee for the second Youth camp). You will receive your T-shirt at your first Youth Camp.

    • A volunteer attending one or both Youth Camps and Adult Camp will pay the full Adult camp fee (there is no fee for the Youth camp(s)). You will receive your T-shirt at your first Youth Camp.

    • Those registering for the Adult Camp will pay the full Adult Camp fee regardless of their attendance as a volunteer at a Youth Camp.

    • The discount only applies to the main registration fee; it does not apply to judging certification or other clinic fees.


  • For questions about your registration, contact:
    Master Nicole Peterman

  • Adults registered for Youth Clinic, visit the Adult Volunteer Information page for more information.

  • For questions about the camp you are attending, please speak to your instructor first. They may contact the camp coordinator listed below for additional information.

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Youth Clinics


Camp Saginaw [directions]

740 Saginaw Road

Oxford, PA 19363

Local Weather

  • Parking is near the entrance away from the cabins.
  • BOYS will be using a subset of the numbered cabins; GIRLS will be using a subset of the lettered cabins.
  • There are no carts or assistance to transfer gear from your vehicle to your cabin; please pack and plan accordingly.
  • Review the Parents' Guide for information on making the most of your student's weekend.
  • Families may join us for the BBQ Lunch on Sunday (Add the number of attendees at $5/person to your student's registration; the cost for each camper is included in the overall camp fee)

Download Camp Saginaw Map [large image]

Youth Camp 1

June 1-3, 2018

Camp schedule for Youth Camp 1 Board breaking seminar
Students interested in attending the board breaking seminar can register on their camp registration (additional $10 fee)

Master George Celona
phone: 410-777-8830

Youth Camp 2

June 8-10, 2018

Camp schedule for Youth Camp 2 Check-in Roster for Youth Camp 2
Master Matt Brown
phone: 302-561-5040
We appreciate those volunteering to assist with the Region 8 Youth camps. Camp organizers are always looking for assistance in providing the best possible experience for our youth students. In the event there is an excess of volunteers for cabin counselors, volunteers will be notified in advance of the possibility of other duties that may be available.

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Adult Clinic

June 15-17, 2018


Elizabethtown College [directions]

1 Alpha Dr.

Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Elizabethtown Campus Map
View Google Map of Elizabethtown College

Local Weather

Adult Dan Clinic schedule
Judging Certification seminar
Students interested in attending the Judging Certification seminar can register on their camp registration (additional $15 fee)

Master Paul Mimidis
phone: 717-397-6009

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