Region 8 Dan Test Forms for Instructors


With adjustments to how we are working through the pandemic, we are streamlining how we manage Dan Test Candidate information. We appreciate your help in using this updated process to submit your candidates for the Spring 2021 cycle and mailing as early as possible due to potential USPS delays.

Before each Dan Testing cycle, studio owners are requested to project whom may be testing in the upcoming cycle and the Dan Test Coordinator confirms their membership and Dan Clinic requirements. The studio owner or designee should submit prescreening information for their studio each cycle in which you have at least one candidate who:

  • registered in a previous cycle, did not test then, but want to be considered for testing in this cycle (please note if you have the application packet or if it remained with the Dan Test Coordinator)
  • tested in a recent previous cycle and want to be considered for re-testing in this cycle (re-test fee applies)
  • want to be considered for testing in this cycle

The deadline for the Spring Cycle is January 31; for the Fall Cycle is June 30. Please include all candidates - no assumptions are made that if a candidate registered previously and didn’t test or failed, they will be testing in the next cycle.

Please note: any student under the age of 10 must have Director’s approval in advance.

Pre-screening Form for Spring 2021

Please have the candidate's personal, membership, and training information available when submitting each candidate for pre screening. Click here [Google] or here to download an optional worksheet to collect your studio information (not for submission).

To complete the Region 8 Spring Dan Test Pre-screening process online, complete the JotForm Region 8 2021 Dan Test Pre-Screening Form

The Dan Test Coordinator reviews and confirms that the candidates submitted meet the membership and clinic participation requirements and works with the studio owner to resolve any concerns before providing a report of potential Dan Test candidates for the current cycle.

Dan Test Application Submission

For each student, please collect:

  1. Valid Dan membership card or Valid Gup membership card (if candidate is Cho Dan Bo)
  2. Dan Test Application [Click here to download form from WTSDA site]
  3. Dan Registration form and first 3-year membership fee* [Click here to download form from WTSDA site]
  4. Essay (stapled; no covers)
  5. Test Fee (see updated schedule)
  6. Three (3) Passport-sized photos (labeled on back - name/member # - to clearly indicate who they are)
  7. (If applicable) Dan Test Request for Special Consideration for medical or permanent conditions that will affect performance on a Dan Test [Click here to download form]

*3 year membership fee for Cho Dan & above is required if Dan membership expires at the end the year

The studio owner will be asked to confirm the participation and details for their candidates from the pre-screening report with the Dan Test Coordinator between March 1 and March 13 by completing the "Studio Testing Confirmation" section to support planning for the written and physical testing. If confirmation of those not testing and any changes in the WTSDA order/fees for a candidate are made online via the edit link for each effected candidate, a printed cover sheet for the application package is not needed.

For each cycle^, please submit a single package to Master Annaliza Setyanto. Submit your studio’s Dan Test package by mail (not certified) or in person to Master Annaliza Setyanto at 511 Schoolhouse Rd, Ste 300, Kennett Square PA 19348-1915 (new address).

^Deadlines are announced through the Region 8 Instructors Class.

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