WTSDA Region 8

WTSDA Region 8

Region 8 Dan Test Information for Instructors

Details for Instructors on Dan Test Candidate Submission Process

We appreciate your reviewing the information below before submitting candidates for testing.

Dan Testing

WTSDA Dan Test Information

  1. Studio Owners confirm candidates meet WTSDA and Region 8 requirements before submitting recommendations (January 31/June 30)
  2. Provide clarification on questions by February 14/July 14
  3. Submit final candidate list, special requests, and Dan Promotion Registration form by Mar 7/Aug 7
  4. Submit Black Belt and Uniform order to HQ (optional)

Region 8 Dan Testing

Thanks for reviewing the detailed information in the Region 8 Dan Testing App for Instructors and submitting accurate information and submissions by the deadlines to ensure your eligible candidates test in the desired cycle. Before submitting your studio's candidate recommendations, confirm each person’s membership and rank status with HQ and ensure they meet age, training, and Dan Clinic requirements. Please note: special circumstances must be presented to the Director for review, escalations, and approval in advance.

Student Manual as Resource

World Tang Soo Do Association Student Manuals include details on promotion requirements; test procedures; and special, honorary, and recommended rank.

Dan Manual (2021 edition)

  • Recommended, Special, and Honorary Rank, p. 44
  • Promotion Test Procedures, p. 46
  • Promotion Requirements, p. 57

Membership and Rank Status

All students who will be testing for Dan rank must be registered WTSDA students. For Cho Dan Bo and Dan member status, see your World Tang Soo Do Association Studio Roster online.

Region 8 Dan Camp Attendance

For Region 8 Dan Camp attendance, review studio or student records. *Please note that the impact of the pandemic on camp attendance in 2020 and 2021 is considered for candidates testing.

**According to HQ, WTSDA will not require either the Gup ID card or the Dan ID card to be submitted with Dan promotion application form. A new Dan ID card will be issued for each promotion application in the future starting from Spring Cycle in 2022.

Students and parents, please contact your instructor with questions about your application.

Test Day

Review of guidelines, current conditions, and available sites will be ongoing. Please check with your instructor closer to the test date for updates. General information is posted for students and families here.

As usual, instructors will receive official test results once final written and physical test results have been compiled and reviewed. Test results will not be available the day of the test.

Please speak with your instructor if you have questions.